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UAV Harlequin Ground Control Points/Aerial Mapping & Surveying (24"x24") | Center Passthrough | Numbered 0-9 (10 Pack)

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Finally a better alternative to homemade Ground Control Points (GCPs) to fulfill any UAV drone mapper's needs. With a unique center passthrough design, this GCP can be used on already established survey points, which enables mapping to be performed after a surveyor has already taken coordinates. Simply place the survey marker through the 3" x 3" center cutout of the GCP to perform precise aerial mapping with pre-established coordinates. The GCP can also be used via a more traditional approach with the center flaps covering the cutout, enabling centimeter level precision mapping. The cutout flaps provides a center point to shoot your own coordinates, with an open center to place your rod, decreasing the chances of puncturing the GCP. The 24" x 24" design enables easy transport and storage of the GCPs as well as a scale to use when reconstructing your map. With 4 tie down points, the GCP is also easy to keep in position, even on the windiest of days. New for this iteration, numbers are now provided so that the GCPs are easy to keep track of in the field! With numbers 0-9, the targets are easily customized to be numbered from 0-99 using a permanent marker and the empty square based on the needs of the user. Another new addition is the grey color which reduces the chance of overexposing the target compared to the white variant, further improving the mapping process. With this iteration, the Harlequin Iron Cross design has been utilized to enable easier identification of the center of the GCP.
  • Grey color to reduce overexposure of targets
  • Novel center passthrough enables pre-exisiting survey markers to be utilized during mapping missions
  • Numbered targets facilitate easy recognition of the targets in the images during post processing and makes target locations easier to keep track of
  • 4 corner eyelets enable the user to fix the target to the ground if needed
  • Made of durable material that will last for years

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