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16-bit AprilTags (6"x6") | 3M Stickers for Auto-Detection (4x4 Array) | Visual Fiducial Marker (30 Pack) | RealityCapture Compatible

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AprilTags are a powerful tool for computer vision applications in robotics, augmented reality, and camera calibration. Developed by researchers at the University of Michigan, these visual markers are designed to be easy to detect and track, even in challenging lighting and environmental conditions. With their unique pattern of black and white pixels, AprilTags can be used to determine the position and orientation of a marker in 3D space, making them ideal for localization, mapping, and navigation in robotics. They can also be used in augmented reality applications to overlay virtual objects onto the real world, or for camera calibration (as a fiduciary marker) to determine the intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of a camera. At Sky High Bull’s-Eye, we offer AprilTags as either a sticker or a magnet to provide multiple options for using AprilTags in the field. This set of AprilTags are the 6”x6” sticker version, great for adding an AprilTag to any surface and large enough to visualize from far away. Our AprilTags are made from high-quality materials and are built to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions, ensuring they will last you for years to come. We created the AprilTags exactly to the scale that the original creator intended, keeping the white border present, which helps with the identification of the targets.
  • APRILTAGS - As one of the most widely-used fiduciary markers, April Tags are used across the computer vision, AI, and virtual reality industry. With easy integration into popular programming languages, such as Python, AprilTags are the perfect addition to any computer vision project.
  • 3M ADHESIVE BACKING - Made of a high-quality, 3M sticker material, these April Tags can be added to any object with ease and will remain securely in place. Add an AprilTag sticker to any surface to track the object without making any permanent marks.
  • 6”x6” SIZE - Use this April Tag for tracking objects near or far with a size that is perfect for a wide range of use cases. This size is great for tracking larger objects from a distance while still being small enough to easily find a place for the magnetic tag.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT - Made from high-quality material, these April Tags will easily remain attached to whatever surface you stick them to, even in harsh conditions. Whether you use this fiduciary marker for demonstration purposes inside or for equipment tracking in the elements, this April Tag is a perfect fit for a variety of needs.
  • 4x4 ARRAY NUMBERED 0-29 - Using the AprilTag V3 4x4 array design, these markers represent numbers 0-29, for a total of 30 tags per set. Expand to additional numbers by adding another AprilTag to the object for endless combinations of tags.

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