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Sky High Bull's-Eye 24” LiDAR Ground Control Point GCP - UAV Aerial Target for LiDAR Mapping & Surveying (6 Pack) Retro-Reflective Black Hexagon with Center Eyelet for Aerial Mapping & Photogrammetry

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Looking for an aerial target/Ground Control Point (GCP) that was made specifically for LiDAR scans? With the Sky High Bull’s-Eye 24” Hexagonal LiDAR GCP, you will be able to take advantage of a unique, redundant aerial target design that was made solely for LiDAR aerial mapping operations. With a hexagon shape featuring 7 retroreflectors, the 24” LiDAR GCP offers redundancy for pinpointing the center of your LiDAR scans. Even if 1 of the 6 perimeter reflectors do not generate enough of a return to register with your sensor, accurate results are still possible by using the center retroreflector in combination with the perimeter reflectors to triangulate the center of the target. This aerial target is made of a durable, black mesh material that has low retro-reflectivity, offering a stark contrast to the retroreflective markers on the GCP, which allows for easy identification during post-processing, even in snowy conditions! The mesh material also allows precipitation to pass through the target rather than accumulating on top of the target, improving the reliability of your dataset when the weather is suboptimal. Another feature of this LiDAR aerial target is that it is very versatile with 24” of spacing between retroreflective markers, keeping the target lightweight and portable. With 6 perimeter eyelets and a center eyelet for anchoring the aerial target to the ground, this target will remain in its original position regardless of weather conditions. We hope that you give our LiDAR GCP aerial target a try for your next LiDAR mission!
  • PURPOSE MADE LIDAR AERIAL TARGET – Improve your LiDAR aerial scans with our unique, LiDAR specific aerial targets.
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE LIDAR RETURN DATA – Using a combination of a black mesh and retroreflective material, these LiDAR GCPs are able to produce recognizable and accurate control points resulting in highly accurate deliverables across a wide variety of LiDAR mapping missions.
  • REDUNDANT FEATURES FOR IMPROVED RELIABILITY – By creating a LiDAR target with six (6) perimeter reflectors and a center reflector, this LiDAR GCP features redundancy for accurately triangulating ground control during post processing.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – Made of a durable mesh material, these LiDAR GCPs are easy to transport across even the most rugged terrain.
  • MULTIPLE EYELETS FOR ANCHORING – Use the six perimeter eyelets and the center eyelet to anchor the aerial target to the ground using metal stakes or surveying nails to ensure the target remains accurately positioned.
  • 24 INCH AERIAL TARGETS FOR HIGH-ALTITUDE LIDAR MISSIONS – With retro-reflective targets that are spaced 24” apart, these LiDAR GCPs are a great for low to medium altitude missions or for high-resolution scanners. The compatible height specifications are dependent on your LiDAR system sampling resolution.
  • IMPROVE LIDAR ACCURACY – Using Ground Control Points for LiDAR mapping missions has been proven to improve the accuracy of the dataset that are typically most noticeable in the Z direction. Using our thin LiDAR aerial targets, the aerial target will lie directly on the group so little to no adjustment is needed to accommodate the thickness of the aerial target itself.
  • SAVE TIME AND IMPROVE EFFICIENCY – Add value to your LiDAR mapping process by eliminating the need to create custom, DIY aerial targets that reduce efficiency in your workflow while adding little to your bottom line.
  • WORRY-FREE LIDAR ACQUISITION – Issues with ground control during surveying operations can be costly from both a scheduling and financial perspective. With the redundancy that our LiDAR aerial targets offer, you can feel confident that your ground control will be accurate and repeatable leading to consistent results.
  • PROFESSIONAL GEAR FOR HIGH-END MAPPING & SURVEYING – With our LiDAR aerial targets, your operation will look more professional than your competitors using DIY GCPs, instilling confidence in your clients leading to additional jobs and referrals to your mapping operation.

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