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UAV Harlequin Ground Control Points/Aerial Mapping & Surveying (24"x24") | Center Eyelet | Numbered 0-9 (10 Pack)

Regular price $84.99

Finally a Ground Control Point (GCP) to meet any UAV Pilot's needs. Never tear your GCP again when placing your surveying rod into the center of the target. With this GCP, simply insert the tip of your surveying rod into the center eyelet for a precision measurement every time. With a durable mesh design, this GCP can be reused countless times. Never dread carrying a large GCP around with you again. These lightweight, foldable GCPs are easy to transport and carry. If the wind is a concern, simply use the 4 corner eyelets to anchor the GCP to the ground to ensure that the GCP stays in place. With an ideal 24 inch by 24 inch size, these GCPs are perfect for UAV mapping. The GCPs can also be used as a scale during the reconstruction process of the aerial mapping due to their exact size. Take your drone mapping to new heights today with the Sky High Bull's-Eye GCP 6 Pack! New for this iteration, numbers have been added to help identify targets during post processing as well as to aid in keeping track of the locations of the different targets. With the numbering, the user can apply their own number system in the empty square if needed which will enable number 00-99 to be covered if needed. For this iteration, a new Harlequin Iron Cross Edition design is used to allow the user to more easily identify the center of the GCP.
  • Numbered to enable easy target identification
  • Center eyelet prevents ripping of the center of the target
  • Made of lightweight, portable material
  • 4 corner eyelets serve as anchor points to fix the target in place
  • 24" x 24" is an ideal size for mapping applications

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