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UAV Drone Checkered Ground Control Points/Aerial Mapping & Surveying (24"x24") | Center Passthrough | Pix4D & Drone Deploy Compatible (6 Pack)

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Finally, a better alternative to homemade Ground Control Points (GCPs) to fulfill any UAV/Drone Pilot's needs. With a unique center passthrough design, this GCP can be used on already established survey points, which enables mapping to be performed after a surveyor has already taken coordinates. Simply place the survey marker through the 3" x 3" center cutout of the GCP to perform precise aerial mapping with pre-established coordinates. The GCP can also be used via a more traditional approach with the center flaps covering the cutout, enabling centimeter-level precision mapping. The cutout flaps provide a center point to shoot your own coordinates, with an open center to place your rod, decreasing the chances of ripping the GCP. The 24" x 24" design enables easy transport and storage of the GCPs and can be used as a scale for reconstructing your map. With 4 tie-down points, the GCP is easy to keep in position, even on the windiest days.
  • 24? x 24? SIZE - Designed for low to medium altitude mapping and surveilling, these GCPs were made for drone mapping up to 400 feet. The standard size is useful when scaling and verifying the map scale, providing a standard reference distance during post-processing.
  • CENTER PASSTHROUGH - The center passthrough design allows pre-established survey markers to be slid directly through the GCP for added convenience when mapping. Using the passthrough, a surveyor can place markers days or weeks prior to the flight mission. The GCP can then be placed over the existing markers with precision as the surveying marker remains in place during the placement and retrieval of the aerial targets.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE DESIGN - Using a weatherproof mesh material, these GCPs were made to be highly visible yet lightweight, a big benefit when traveling or placing the GCPs in the field. The material is made with a matte finish which reduces glare from sunlight while also reducing issues with overexposure on sunny days, which makes selecting the center of the target easier.
  • SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY - These GCPs are compatible with popular photogrammetry reconstruction software from the leading companies in the space. The GCPs are compatible with most auto-detection software, and these GCPs have been used in a wide range of industries and educational training programs with great success.
  • CORNER ANCHOR POINTS - With eyelets at each corner to easily anchor the aerial targets, the corner anchor points prevent the GCPs from moving during mapping. The anchors also allow the GCPs to be left in the field if needed for regular flights over a period of time, providing peace of mind that the GCPs offer repeatable location data for high-accuracy mapping and photogrammetry.

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