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16-bit AprilTags (4x4 Array) UAV Drone Ground Control Points/Aerial Mapping & Surveying (10 Pack) | Center Eyelet | Reality Capture Compatible

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These Ground Control Points (GCPs) are specifically made to be compatible with the autorecognition features available in photogrammetry software to allow for automatic identification of AprilTags. Using our durable, antireflective mesh material, these AprilTag GCPs are weather and glare resistant. After testing in a wide variety of weather conditions, these aerial targets are routinely autoidentfied with software regardless of the conditions, which improves your mapping efficiency and reliability.
  • APRIL TAG GCPS -These Ground Control Points (GCPs) feature a 16-bit, 4x4 AprilTag design, which can be auto-identified with compatible software to improve your mapping efficiency while in the field. AprilTags are commonly used across various software systems to identify object positioning and orientation.
  • 24"x24" SIZE - Based on a variety of factors, including the aircraft altitude and camera sensor, 24”x24” GCPs are the preferred size GCP for most drone mapping or photogrammetry operations up to 400 feet of altitude. This standard size is useful when scaling and verifying the map, providing a standard reference distance during post-processing.
  • DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Using a weatherproof mesh material, these GCPs were made to be highly visible yet lightweight, a big benefit when carrying the GCPs to control points in isolated areas in the field. The GCPs last for years without degrading, so you can reuse the targets on multiple mapping projects, saving on materials compared to single-use or permanent targets.
  • CENTER EYELET DESIGN - To assist with locating the center of the surveying target, these control points have a center eyelet for your survey rod to both help with locating the center of the target and to prevent unnecessary tears of the target when placing the stake in position. The center eyelet can also be used to place or locate a surveying nail or other marker when placing the control points.
  • ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATING - By using a matte, anti-reflective coating, these ground control points are clearly visible even on bright, sunny days. As a result, the center of the control point is easier to identify during post-processing, making for a reliable and consistent mapping workflow.

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